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Why do I write about pitfalls of spirituality?

My purpose with this blog is to crystallize and share my thoughts and experiences, in the hope that you and I may benefit from them. From 1993-2005 I practiced a so-called spiritual method (Sahaj Marg). Ultimately I realized that this method - and especially the organization around it (Shri Ram Chandra Mission or SRCM)- was contrary to some deep spiritual layer in myself. I came to some clear conclusions, and also to some still developing insights.

One still developing insight is that almost everybody is looking for some form of spirituality in their life. Therefore there are many spiritual methods and movements, often with similar pitfalls to the ones I experienced.

Many people follow a well-trodden path which is defined by the group in their immediate vicinity. Others are prompted by their heart and/or head to look for spirituality that makes sense on a personal level. Spirituality gives fulfillment -humanity as one, universal love growing, one with the buddha- as well as direction through life's tough questions.

I write about the pitfalls of spirituality because so many others seem to write mostly about the bliss of their own approach to spirituality. This bliss to me actually seems a pitfall.

Understanding the pitfalls I deem essential to gain more spiritual insight. For me this actually translates into a lighter and more loving heart. I do not believe that understanding is the key issue in spirituality. But I do believe that misunderstanding can block key issues (although to which degree probably varies with each person).

Please bear with my frequent use of I feel, seems to me, in my not so humble opinion and so on. It is to emphasize that I do not consider any of my opinions to be more than that. I cannot bring you universal truth. In my not so humble opinion [imnsho] universal truth is a major pitfall in spirituality.

Dear reader, I hope you find something worthwhile on these pages. Friendly reactions, which may be as critical as you like, are always welcome.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year's wish to all

new year's wish

(click on the image for an enlargement)

`zin' is an essentially untranslatable dutch word, it means as many things as:

1. sense
2. meaning
3. mind
4. point
5. spirit
6. feeling
7. signification
8. inclination
9. gusto


harmjan said...
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frank waaldijk said...

harmjan, i don't get it. and i see little reason to send people to the link you give.

if you want to comment, to which you are welcome, perhaps you could be a bit clearer?

kind regards frank

4d-Don said...

Frank...(not for publication)

You are getting hit by the internet equivalent to "tele-marketers"... They want your readers to go to their sites...

They will make "general statements" and have a bot (robot) program that targets specific "religion" etc..

You have another one below ... a comment by MR. lonely ...

I simply put them in the spam category and delete them...


frank waaldijk said...

hi don, yes, what you say is mostly right...and i usually put them in the spam folder too.

however, i know harmjan above, he is a nice guy and a fellow artist...but he gave some cryptic link as only comment...perhaps interesting as postmodern commentary from an artistic point of view, but not to the point of this blog.

so i decided to give him some time to elucidate, if not...i might remove the whole thing altogether.

the comment by mr. lonely is comparable, i looked at his blog and thought, oh well, it's a real blog by some lonely teenager...let's cut him some slack. but now i see he has 1,333 no need to sponsor his blog any longer i suppose.

thanx for the comment don, kind regards, frank

Anonymous said...

what is your take on creating love in a human heart. I read a book about teaching value to children (Teaching Your Children Values by Linda Eyre and Richard Eyre )and it says the following in the chapter on love:
1. Love grows in human heart by serving others.
2. Love grows when human heart receives unconditional love.